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They open the fall racing schedule in early September and it runs until the third week of October. The once around the track mile and off track betting ny race is the longest of the three Triple Crown Races. During those years, the stakes races that would have been run at Saratoga Race Course were contested at Belmont Park instead. InNYRA extended the racing meet by 4 days. Horse racing fans the world over flock to New York to bet on major stakes races every year. From toracing was not held at Saratoga Race Course due to travel restrictions during the war.

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The last component is so ubiquitous that we forget what is literally before our eyes: the screen. Affordable computer displays in the s were much too limited to pleasingly render a web page, with resolutions of x pixels or lower, with crude colours or just black and white. Better screens, starting at x, first became widely available in the early s.

Only with the appearance of the Mosaic browser in did the web become appealing, with a pool of about web sites showing how to deliver information in a way that for most users was new and remarkably compelling. The online world continues to grow and develop with access today via cable, wireless and mobile handsets.

We have internet-connected services in our homes, cars, health services, government, and much more. We live-stream our music and video, and share our lives online. But the origin of that trend of increasing digitisation of our society lies in those simple beginnings - and the end is not yet in sight.

This article was amended at the request of the author to correct the amount of data accessible from the initial link. In , this figure declined to 18 percent in our survey. Similarly, the proportion of those watching TV news daily has declined from 46 percent in to 35 percent now.

The basic arguments on the two sides of the debate have been technology use and cost effectiveness on the one hand, while transparency, verifiability and secrecy on the other. Why it is so vital to ensure that there is no discrepancy in the voting process, between casting, recording and counting of the votes? Not only the votes need to be recorded and counted correctly; the recording and counting process must be accessible to and verifiable by the lager public.

This makes a discrepancy of even one vote unacceptable. This is not a utopian demand, but universally accepted by democracies across the world. However, the post poll interregnum was not quiet. The unprecedented acrimony and the divisiveness had marked these elections with most of the exit polls and the corresponding rollercoaster in the share market led to another round of heated argument in the television studios.

Since the campaign was hotly contested, this was not surprising. With most of the exit polls giving it to the BJP, the debate revolved around the past records and the fallibility of such an exercise. In a way this debate was a spill over of the running battle between the opposition parties and the Election Commission of India ECI.

In the past, quite a few of the opposition parties had in fact demanded that the electoral system reverted back to paper ballots. Subsequently, most of them came around to the view that EVM records be matched with VVPAT count; not content with the insistence of the Election Commission on the infallibility of the machines, 21 opposition parties approached the Supreme Court. The apex court after two rounds of consideration accepted the proposal that matching the EVM record with VVPAT count was a comparatively more reliable way to address the concern.

The court directed the EC to match such records for five booths in every assembly segment. However, the court left it unstated how the randomisation would actually work. This demand stood the ground of reason for the principle of randomisation. If a part was corrupted the entire stock needed to be checked! The EC, however, flatly refused the demand! There is no final authentic statement from the EC about the exercise as yet. The use of these machines was introduced between The EVMs had been now used in all general and state assembly elections since However, there has been doubt over the reliability of these machines.

There has been series of meetings between the political parties and the ECI with many rounds of technical demonstrations where the Commission has consistently insisted that the chips or micro controllers are absolutely tamper free; the design, manufacture, the constituency wise and polling centre wise distribution, place them beyond the scope of any manipulation.

The EC had also insisted that unlike some other countries, Indian EVMs are beyond online access and each micro controller is custom designed and has a unique identity, devoid of any reprogrammable software environment. The discrepancy was brought out by a petition based on authenticated RTI replies. RTI documents brought out glaring discrepancies in procurement, storage and deployment, apart from grave financial irregularities. The mismatch between the figures supplied by the two manufacturers and that received by the ECI is apparent.

The query continues to go begging! Consider this question in conjunction with the large number of unregulated movements of vehicles with EVMs and VVPATs from polling centres to the store rooms widely reported in the social and main stream media during the election. By trying to meticulously collate the data put out by the ECI website, their calculations are highly disturbing.

Stung by the questions, the ECI came out with a disclaimer through a press note. The ECI explained that the voting figures put out earlier and in certain instances, removed were of a provisional nature, not actual cumulative figures based on those submitted by individual presiding officers across the country. The question, however, is why this statutory disclaimer was not put out at the outset? The failure of the ECI to clarify issues has certainly compounded the disquiet in public mind.

ECIL, however, refused to disclose the manufacturer for its micro controller. The ECI has not yet decided on the September recommendations of the Central Information Commission CIC to get a competent authority to examine whether detailed information about the source code used in the EVMs can be placed in the public domain to ensure public trust in the EVM based voting system; but nothing has happened on the ground.

This discussion can go on with information available through RTI queries. But the fact remains, that the trust in the system depends vitally on the verifiability of recording. What is striking about the Lok Sabha elections is the big question mark over the role of the ECI itself. Our Constitution makers had envisaged a robust and independent role for the ECI by providing sweeping powers to the body under Article for ensuring free and fair poll and a level playing field for all contesting political parties.

Many reforms and legislations enacted under that provision have been adopted to ensure this independent and bipartisan character in keeping with the changing times and growing requirements of democratic standards. However, many changes during the last five years initiated by the government have vitiated the atmosphere.

The first and foremost is the anonymous and theoretically limitless corporate funding to political parties through electoral bonds. Corporate cronyism embedded in this new system has brought out staggering results. Does this represent a level playing field? A large number of petitions made by various opposition parties, including the CPI M , were left unanswered.

These www. While there can be no definitive conclusion for abandoning; but there is enough ground to strive for a foolproof solution for verifiability of the electoral system. Therefore, without belittling the need for technology, use and the cost factor, the current EVM- VVPAT system in vogue without further improvements cannot bring this debate to rest in our quest for a free and fair election.

Source: PD, 23 June, Balachandan c OLOMBO: The Sri Lankan tourism industry is on the hard road to recovery from the devastation caused by two very violent episodes in April and May and the political crisis which these triggered. The April 21 multiple suicide blasts, allegedly carried out by local affiliates of the Islamic State IS , had killed persons including 47 foreigners.

In mid-May, there were anti-Muslim riots not far from the tourist hub and capital city of Colombo. Both episodes led to political turmoil which, in mid-June, appears to be building up rather than subsiding. While the government is sanguine about an early revival,trade has a dim view of the immediate prospects. Trade says that the funds and concessions offered to lift the crippled industry do not match the need, and that the political fallout of the blasts do not help change the perception abroad that Sri Lanka is still unsafe.

Government says that the industry is likely to recover faster than expected thanks to the relaxation of travel advisories by the developed nations which account for most of the high spending tourists, says Kishu Gomes, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority SLTDA.

Arrivals from major contributor, India, which were 34, in May , had plummeted to 9, this May. The tourism industry accounted for 4. That year, 2. But reaching the target this year appears to be difficult given the impact of the blasts. But recently, the Economic Reforms Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva put it at Rs. It is reported that the State banks have got more than applications of loans from the tourist industry to the tune of Rs.

The brunt of the terror strikes was taken by the biggest luxury hotels — Cinnamon Grand, ShangriLa and Kingsbury. It is the big hotels which rake in the moolah for the country. According to Gomes, Sri Lanka has 90, rooms out of which 40, are in the small, budget and homestay sector. It is estimated that about , people are connected to tourism in some way or the other, as shop keepers, owners of restaurants, and householders who offer home stays and transporters.

Taking their families into account, the total number of dependents is one million in a total Lankan population of 21 million. The government has set aside Rs. These could get loans up to Rs. But these loans can be taken only from the Regional Development Banks. We are confident about a quick recovery because of the built-in strengths of the Lankan hospitality industry. Cinnamon Grand, Kingsbury and Shangri-La have re-opened.

The SLTDA chairman drew attention to the fact that the tourism industry has not cancelled any of its programs lined up for this year. It is pointed out that even established tourist destinations have taken more than 13 months to recover. Indonesia took one year to recover from the Bali bombings in Kenya took two years perhaps because it faced two major incidents in almost two consecutive years in and Turkey had taken approximately a year and a half.

The tourism industry, as such, has a dimmer view. THASL complains banks have been reluctant to lend to the small scale sector. Ukwatte quotes Central Bank of Sri Lanka figures to show that it is crucial to bring tourism back to health as it is the second highest foreign exchange earner after inward remittances. Shanthikumar has pointed www. The anti-Muslim riots after the blasts, and the political instability that intensified as a result of blasts, also created a feeling of insecurity in the minds of tour operators, who could come up alternative destinations, the experience hotelier pointed out.

ArunTambimuttu, who owns resorts in Batticaloa, said security is the main concern. But for the tourist, it is a question of life itself. In the absence of government guarantees, hotels and resorts will themselves have to put in place security arrangements. We in Batticalao are working on this. Shanthikumar said that bringing down room rates will not bring in custom unless security is guaranteed.

Adding another dimension, Chandra Mohotti said that up to date facilities at the airport and domestic air services should be provided. And the industry should come up with innovative products such as circuits for special interest groups.

Source: thecitizen. A story in tv. Each week, the schedule will feature a Women in Film doublebills, as well as Festival Favourites and a showcase of films from countries with emerging film industries. While there have been efforts in major cities to combat the grave effects that pollution can have on the overall health of its citizens, there is still more progress to be made.

The effect this pollution has on citizen health is quite horrifying — studies suggest that almost every organ of the human body can be affected by toxic airborne particles, and this is resulting in an approximate 7 million premature deaths each year. Brady suggests www. Policy initiatives — such as the recent London Ultra Low Emission Zone — can help catalyse action towards clean air. Policy enforcement around energy generation, building energy efficiency, construction practices, transport, waste and many other factors are vital to preserve citizen health.

M uch ink has already been spilled on the general elections in India. In this paper, we want to show how a formal spatial analysis of the election results shows the unique geographical footprint of the BJP vote and how its recent progression follows obvious spatial patterns. This system also grants an advantage to smaller regional parties since their electors are geographically concentrated, as illustrated in Punjab, West Bengal, or Andhra Pradesh. Keeping these features in mind, it is important to examine the actual percentage of votes won by the NDA rather than just the distribution of seats.

The highest NDA scores remain concentrated in a few states of western and northern India, the coalition having in particular gained all the seats in a single regional block, stretching from Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttarkhand in the northwest to Rajasthan and Gujarat. When studied through the lens of spatial analysis, the singular geographical impact of the NDA vote appears unmistakable. This is a very strong level of spatial dependence compared to other social, religious or economic indicators, which confirms the pronounced geographic patterning of the NDA votes in This geographic structure also demonstrates that these spatial patterns owe less to the vagaries of local political coalitions and candidates than suggested by media reports.

In addition, the NDA vote has spread over the years to new regions of India, loosening up the geographical concentration around its historical bastions. Discontinuity Yet if you look closer, you can still distinguish areas of distinct spatial discontinuity, which are contiguous constituencies where the NDA strength drops significantly.

Similar steep declines in voting shares are also on display in the northeast Meghalaya, Mizoram and Sikkim as well in the Muslim-dominated constituencies of Kashmir. These cases of discontinuity contradict the otherwise high level of spatial autocorrelation highlighted earlier and points to the presence of strong regional parties that rejected any alliance with the BJP or to the presence of strong social heterogeneity along religious or ethnic lines. More broadly, this corresponds to vigorous regional political traditions Several islands of organised resistance Apart from these clear-cut regional break lines acting as barriers to the progression of the BJP-led alliance, the map also points to several islands of organised resistance to the NDA.

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