investing in yourself education
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Investing in yourself education

After all, YOU are your best asset! Current Digital Career Trends Inflation is increasing at such an alarming rate that most salaries and hourly wages have been unable to keep up. In fact, the U. Inflation Calculator states prices have gone up by as much as 8. The answer to this problem? Simply put, you need to be working in a growing, more lucrative industry.

After all, the closure of universities alone led to the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars overnight, contributing to the increase in education costs. This is a sector that is seeing tremendous growth and has no signs of slowing. Many companies credit it to the significant skills gap and a lack of training.

By obtaining in-demand skills and training from current industry professionals at the SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps , you can stay ahead of the current inflation rate in a skyrocketing industry. Bootcamps are an alternative and practical path towards receiving modern skills and training in a specific discipline or industry. They allow you to bypass prerequisite classes while providing greater accessibility and flexibility.

They are a perfect option for getting your foot in the door to the tech industry because top companies such as Apple, IBM, Google, and more no longer list a college degree as a requirement on their job postings due to the rising cost of education. SDSU Global Campus bootcamps provide hands-on courses taught by current industry professionals in a fully online setting.

Additionally, they offer other benefits such as a dedicated Career Services team and networking opportunities. Mary Rabago, Grow with Google coach and founder of Mary Rabago Productions Find what makes you valuable to customers When establishing your digital presence, the key is to find what makes you stand out and what customers will find valuable.

As a business owner, consider how you can personalize experiences for your consumers and gain their trust. Identify which parts of yourself and your business allow you to create connections with your audience, and leverage them to find long-term customers who are loyal to your service or product. Spread the messages and share the lessons that only you can. CO— aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected experts.

However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation. To stay on top of all the news impacting your small business, go here for all of our latest small business news and updates.

CO—is committed to helping you start, run and grow your small business. Learn more about the benefits of small business membership in the U. Chamber of Commerce, here. Make smart decisions. Make your mark.

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However, positions in cybersecurity are in high demand and competitively compensated year after year. Exploring Options for a Career Change Switching to a career in cybersecurity may seem challenging, especially if you have no previous experience in the field.

Luckily, there are many ways to equip yourself with the skills needed to succeed in tech. But are all of them a viable investment for you? Traditionally, the route to a successful career started with a four-year degree. This is still an option today. However, the enrollment process and traditional school year schedule alone can be a barrier for many individuals looking to work in tech while demand is at an all-time high. One alternative to a four-year degree is self-training.

If you want to do a self-paced exploration of tech at a fraction of the cost, this could be a good option. However, this solitary approach lacks the structure and support of a professional program. Networking without the benefit of a shared experience with classmates or peers can become an uphill battle.

At the end of all that hard work, learning new skills does not guarantee success. Our all-inclusive professional program has the features self-training lacks, maintaining flexibility and competitive pricing, all while equipping you with real-world experience that companies want. Is a Professional Program Worth It? Once upon a time, a four-year degree was the only way into a technical position.

Instead, they are seeking candidates with equivalent experience, which can be earned through the UCF Cyber Defense Professional Certificate. Our professional program provides cost-effective training with real cybersecurity professionals, networking opportunities in a booming industry, and personalized career assistance — even after you complete the program.

Comprehensive Support and Benefits Our professional program is more than just a training course with industry pros. It includes benefits and holistic support every step of the way, regardless of your educational background or prior experience. Accumulate cutting-edge skills in tech no matter where your knowledge starts.

Whether you have utilized digital skills before or are transitioning from a non-digital job, our comprehensive, beginner-friendly professional bootcamp makes starting a new career possible for people of all skill levels and talents. Remote Learning Our live and online courses are designed to fit into your schedule. Remote learning allows you to work while you learn. Learning from home is a significant financial and time saver.

Plus, studying remotely eliminates the need for additional childcare costs for learners who are parents. Career Outcomes Work one-on-one with our career outcomes experts who take the time to teach you how to present yourself and your new skills to employers. Brush up on interview skills with our hiring partners and learn how to polish your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Outside of the bootcamp, these services could cost you thousands of dollars. Career outcomes can help alleviate application stress. You can create a better financial future for yourself. Imagine what it would feel like to pay for groceries without having to check how much is in your bank account, setting your bills to autopay or not having to make difficult financial compromises.

Whether investing in a stock fund, investing time on a task or investing in your future, most people want assurance that their investment has the potential to provide a positive outcome. However, with time and accrued experience the opportunity to scale your career and salary grows exponentially every year. To help you invest in your professional development, we offer a few payment and financing options.

This program does not qualify for federal financial assistance. Pay in Full After completing the Introductory Course, pay tuition in full prior to starting your first class. Available to all learners. Personal Financing Learners may qualify for private education loans with qualified lenders. Need more information on your payment options? An admissions advisor will be able to walk you through your options so you can make the best decision for your future.

Choosing a bootcamp to further your education means creating a better work-life balance with interactive online learning and the potential to start a new career in less than a year with the help of a dedicated career services team. To learn if our Cybersecurity Professional Bootcamp is right for you, check out our frequently asked questions. Classes start on a rolling basis. Give us a call at or fill out the form below.