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Golden Anniversary—The Endowment Fund. Order of the S. GarfieldIntroducing—fohn F. Ramsey, Calif. In Oxford. Introducing—fohn D. Meyer, Pa. Eta '93The Executive Council—voting members. Chapter Newsletters. Chapter Rush ChairmenFraternity Directory. Story on pages We are now taking orders for the first and onlyrecord album of Phi Kappa Psi. It's called "Songs of Phi Kappa Psi" and it tookover two years to make. Our song arranger wasorchestra leader Richard Maltby and the beautifulvoices were under the direction of Ray Charles.

There are 25 songs in the album—and to eachof you, they will bring back special memories of aplace where you have spent, or will spend, somefour years of your life. There are no songs in your library like these. My check for ,Sis enclosed.

Ship to:Name Chapter YearNo. Delivery in 10 Days. But its spirit liveson: in the records of its poets, dramatists and historians,and in the very blood of its inheritors. Itsinheritors are indeed poets, dramatists, historians—those who wear the "Noble Shield" in all walks of life.

The gratitude of those who have benefited from theEndowment Fund is expressed in these words recentlyreceived:"I will be eternally grateful for the EndowmentFund Loan and many other fine things the Fraternityhas done for me. You can be assured that this money willbe put to the best of use. It will go on payments ofbooks, instruments, and tuition. I would like toreturn the favor It certainly is a most valuable aid to me in securingmy education. It was thedifference between a completed college educationand having to drop out of school for a semester.

I hope in the future to repaythe debt of gratitude I owe my Fraternity. Swannell, Mich. Alpha '93, had proposedthe legislation that would bring the Endowment Fundinto being. The proposal was enthusiastically receivedand endorsed, and the Executive Council appointed acommittee consisting of John L. Porter, chairman. Beta '86, Sion B. Smith, Pa. Beta '81, and Dan Swannellto pursue the establishment.

The whole matter has hadthe careful thought of some of the most successful menin the Fraternity, who have considered the plan in allits phases. The fund cannot be used for any of thecurrent expenses of the Fraternity and is in no wayconnected with the monies collected and disbursedthrough the Fraternity Treasurer.

It is surrounded onevery side by ample safeguards. The custody of thefund is vested in three alumni trustees, chosen by theGrand Arch Council and responsible to it alone. Porter appealedto Phi Psis everywhere:"It is a foregone conclusion, and a perfectly naturalone, that for what we love most we will sacrifice mostand, reasoning along this same line, the things we loveat all, we will sacrifice something for.

Therefore, if welove Phi Kappa Psi as we all pretend we do when weshout ourselves hoarse at luncheons, dinners, smokers,and banquets, should we not make some sacrifice, ifneed be, when the dear old Fraternity comes to us forthe first time in her history, asking for something sheneeds badly and, in fact, must have, if she is to maintainher prestige? Think of the time, money, and energy put intoher upbuilding and maintenance by such men as RobertLowry, W.

Gretzinger, Charles L. Van Cleve,L. Smith, and a dozen others. Porter chairman presented the report ofthe special Committee on Endowment Fund, reviewingthe work and discouragements of the Committee,stating that only about one-half of the desired amounthad been raised. He suggested thatthe remainder of the desired amount ought to beraised before the GAC adjourned. Then followed ascene which no one present will soon forget. Organizationsand individuals vied with one another to gettheir subscriptions recorded first.

If you will pardon alittle ego, or call it what you like, to me that was myhigh light. Establishment came June 27, It is one of the oldest such funds in the fraternityworld, and was incorporated under the laws of theState of Illinois on January 5, Romer, Mass. Summerfield, Kansas Alpha ' Award to that undergraduate in eachchapter which is most outstanding in scholarship andleadership. Limited other Summerfield Awards arealso made to carefully selected students who exhibitunusual ability, leadership, and fraternal interest.

The Trustees of the Endowment Fund have nevermade a practice of avidly soliciting funds, except perhapson two occasions at Grand Arch Councils. But asJohn L. Porter pointed out in , "Few of us areprivileged with opportunities for real work but toeach and every one of us is now given the chance tobe recorded as 'One of those who love their fellowmen.

Here alsois an opportunity to memorialize those Brothers whoseloss is greatly felt, as was recently done by the NewYork Alumni Association in memory of Thomas K. Fisher, Mich. Beta '35, in memory of William T. Tate, was elected by the GAC. Hesucceeds John J. The Trustees:Dan G. SwanneU Harold G. Townsend Harold A. Moore Ruddick C. Lawrence :Rud Lawrence, Wash. Hewas born in Marquette, Mich.

As an undergraduate, he was president of Wash. Alpha, and was initiated into Sigma Delta Chi. Rud is the son of AVillard Lawrence, Wis. Gamma ' He married Barbara Dole in , hasfour daughters and two sons, and lives in Bronxville,N. Sion B. Smith Henry H. McCorkle John W. Webster Howard C. Williams Lawrence H.

Whiting Robert R. He has also served the Fraternity as Director ofFraternity Education , and as vice president Bob is married, has a daughter and a son,and lives in Hudson, Ohio. John L. Porter George Smart George A. Moore John J. YoweU Winston R. John W. Oswald, Ind. Alpha '35, Pres.

Kerstetter, Pres. Louis D. It had openedinformally the previous evening with a GAC innovation—asession open to all wives, guests, and Brothers,for the purpose of introducing all past presidents, officers,and distinguished guests in attendance. Smith, Ind. Eight former presidents of theFraternity were presented with specially designed PastPresidents' Medallions. Simmons Jr. Alpha ' GACers enjoyed a tour of the. Those present will not soon forget thePres.

Alpha '34delightful entertainment that followed the tasty beans,beef, and "cowboy coffee," etc. The excitement of the day centered around fourBritish Beatles of the singing variety, who were toarrive at the Brown Palace Hotel at exactly the sametime the Phi Psi crowd was scheduled to depart viasix chartered buses for the Air Force Academy. Asturdy Phi Psi band assisted the Denver Police in restraininga screaming mass of local lasses who cravedthe "mop-topped" Englishmen.

The Beatles had decoyedthe crowd with black limousines and hadslipped into the hotel through a rear entrance. In memory of the occasion. Brothers Fred Ehlers,Ore. Alpha '64, and Chuck Simons, Ala. Alpha '64,wrote a protest song which they and Ken Bacher, Ariz.

Beta '63, sang to those attending the G. It is included for the record on page Deltadelegation presented the Beatles with a copy of theFraternity's new record album. It was undoubtedlyprized highly and was hand carried when the Britishfoursome departed by plane the following day.

Oregon Alpha, Texas Beta, and Indiana Alphawere awarded "First on Campus" scholarshipplaques for , and Texas Tech was also recognizedfor having the highest academic standingin the Fraternity for the same period. CaliforniaDelta was cited for recording the most improvement. Mike Barton, Neb. The New York Alumni Association announced itspublication awards for the preceding year.

Selby, W. Alpha '18, was presented with a SilverRevere Bowl, suitably engraved, a gift of the ExecutiveCouncil in recognition of her long-standing interestin the Fraternity. She has attended 9 GAC's,but was unable to be present this year. Selby isthe third Phi Psi lady to receive this award—the firstwent to Mrs.

Fort Sara Flowers in , and thesecond to Mrs. Ruby Williams in Golden and Silver Council Awards were presentedto those in attendance who have been members of theFraternity for 25 or 50 or more years. Ithad been a good many years since the Grand ArchCouncil last initiated men into the Fraternity.

Thefour pledges honored with membership were Earl K. Phares Jr. Beta; Stephen L. Mannschreck, Neb. Alpha; Stephen A. Hethcote, Ore. Alpha; and CharlesP. Other members of the initiationteam were R. Leber, C. Dick, S. McWhorter, and C. The twenty-second meeting, dinner, and initiationof the Order of the S. Fine addresses were heardfrom the Honorable Theodore G. Edward E.

Alpha '33, gave the invocation. Mize, Miss. Alpha '30, in memoryof those Brothers who passed to the stars during thelast biennium. He particularly noted Homer D. Gamma '15 Vice President , d. Pomeroy, Pa. Theta '93 Orderof the S. Alpha '18 S. Deputy, Ohio Alpha '07, d. Stilwell, Mass. Alpha '09 former Archon,Dist. Edward Dixon, N.

Alpha Archon, Dist. I, , d. May 16, ; RaymondA. Jackson, Minn. Beta '96, d. Bosler, Pa. Iota "02, d. Fisher, Pa. Epsilon '51, d. John Wesley Harvey, Pa. Iota '45, d. A considerable savings to the undergraduateresults, and the Fraternity's billing structure is greatlysimplified.

Alumni Corporations—Each chapter is now requiredto have an alumni corporation to be incorporatedunder the laws of the state in which'such chapteris located. The corporation will hold title to allreal and personal property of the chapter, and allleases will be taken in its name. Chapter stability isaided. Charters—The Executive Council was given theauthority to re-establish any inactive chapter of theFraternity, upon the unanimous vote of all of itsmembers.

Unit Rule—The Fraternity's membership requirementsand the unit rule were reviewed and reaffirmed. Beta '58, with the assistanceof Andrew Gehr Truxal, Pa. Eta ' Kent YowellEdmund J. FeltWarren S. ReedThomas A.

CooksonStephen D. McWhorterWilliam Recht Jr. Haldon C. Kenneth PotterC. Roger Davis Jr. Leber, Pa. Epsilon '46, emerged as Phi KappaPsi's fortieth President. Alpha '29,Treasurer Ralph R. Haney, Calif. Delta '27, and SecretaryCharles R.

Brown, Ind. Shelton, N. Dial, Rhode Island. Alpha'62; Edward C. Laird, Pa. Gamma '61; J. Robert Meserve, Calif. Beta'34, to succeed Charles R. Brown as. Attorney General;Dr. Theodore J. Urban, Dick, Ohio Zeta '55,to succeed William A. Henderson, Mo. Garbe, N. Gamma '40, to succeed himself asEditor of The Grand Catalogue. Parenthetically, it is noted that three other Brothershave since accepted appointments: John Henry Frizzell,Mass.

Alpha '98, to succeed himself as Mystagogue;G. Kent Yowell, Colo. Alpha '46, to succeedJ. Flummerfelt, Ind. Alpha '55, as Editor ofThe Song Book. Winning thehonor of having the most members registered wasColorado Alpha with Runners-up were KansasAlpha, 12; W. Alpha and Ind. Beta, each 11; andMississippi Alpha, Kind words havecome from near and far. Your Editor takes this opportunityto encourage each of you who were presentin Denver to keep your fraternal spirits "mile-high,"and to meet again at the Bedford Springs Hotel, Bedford,Pa.

Dick, Executive Secretary Ralph D. Daniel, and Field Secretary Philip H. Davidson III. This period hasbeen one of trial for all national college fraternities,and I hope that we have succeeded in finding some solutionsto the many problems which we have encountered. I assure you that I could not have carried outthe duties and heavy responsibilities of this office withoutthe dedicated interests and energies of our electedofficers, of our Archons, of our appointive officers, ofour executive staff in Cleveland, and of numerousalumni and undergraduate members.

I am happy to report that all of ouryoung chapters are strong and vital organizations ofwhich we can be proud. The Louisiana Alpha Colonvat Louisiana State University is now progressing satisfactorilyand should be ready for installation in thenext academic year.

We have also been approached—in an unofficialway—by administrators and IFC representativesof several colleges and universities about our desireto establish chapters on their campuses. Thesematters will be discussed by the Committee on Extension. During this biennium, we have lost two chapters:. Arizona Alpha and Pennsylvania Kappa. Thus, wehave a net gain for this period of two chapters. The Executive Council agenda is always filled withimmediate problems of fraternity administration, andthe members cannot spend additional days away fromtheir businesses or classes.

Therefore, I proposed thatthe Executive Council authorize a Planning and DevelopmentConference, and this request was approved. The Conference—composed of the Executive Boardand a few additional alumni—met in June of and again in January of The results of these discussionswere reported to the Executive Council, andsome of the recommendations will be submitted bvthe Executive Council for your consideration at thisGrand Arch Council.

Alpha '64Fred D. Ehlers, Ore. Alpha '64The British they landed that morningFull able and bold they were fourOur army confronted great numbersWhile the gen'rals charged through the back doorThe thousands they charged the defendersWho gallantly stood shield to shieldThey all were a band of true brothersWho would not give over the fieldThe Princes that ruled this fine castleFull grateful and thankful were theyThey made no great sound with the trumpetBut warm were their hearts on that dayThe British they left the next morningThe brothers could leave their own floorsThe Palace was calm as 'twas alwaysBut God save us from any more.

The songs were arrangedand recorded by professional musicians, and I thinkthe Fraternity will benefit greatly from this excellentproduction. They have been submittedonly after a great deal of thought and discussion. A chapter has also submitted a proposal aboutmembership policies.

I hope that you will examinethem carefully and participate fully in the discussionsof these matters. Alpha '29; Carter L. Alpha '13; Harry E. Clark Jr. Alpha '17; C. Williams, III. Delta '06; Leonard E. Wise, III. Delta '04; Louis R. Bear, III. Delta '07; Edmund J. Fell, N. Alpha '15; and in theforeground, C.

Richard McCullough, Minn. Beta ' Suffice it to say that we haveencountered some serious situations among severalchapters, involving: lack of leadership, sloppy chapteradministration, acute financial conditions, unfriendlycollege administrations, improper chapter attitudes,internal dissensions, and lack of alumni support.

As aresult, a number of chapters will be referred to theCommittee on the State of the Fraternity and to theCommittee on Finance. These committees will beasked to recommend measures to improve these conditions. In one or more cases, we may have reached theend of the road, and the only solution may involve therevocation of the charter s. One chapter will also appearbefore the Grievance Committee. We must allwork diligently to solve these problems within thetime limit of the Grand Arch Council program.

The members of the Council have also attendedthe District Councils and the and EducationalLeadership Conferences. Chapter visitations,which are truly rewarding experiences, have been madeby all members. In the last few years, I have had thepleasure of making seventy-one visits to forty-sevenchapters and colonies, plus seventeen visits to thirteenalumni associations. Daniel, and his hard-working staff for theirdevotion to the best interests of the Fraternity.

Year inand year out, a great amount of work is handled inCleveland, and we owe our executive staff a debt ofgratitude for their efforts. In this fifty-second Grand Arch Council we havemuch work to do. Let us now proceed in fraternalharmony to accomplish everything we can for the goodof our beloved Fraternity. I am very happy to be here. Foreground, Past Presidents W. Mize; background, left to right.

Foreground, left to right. Past Presidents Thomas A. Cookson,Charles E. Strickland, Winston R. Tate, and Howard L. Hamilton;background, Atty. II Okla. Jr Mo. Alpha'30 New Orleans, La. Joseph, Mich. Duncan Pa. Jr Kans. Roger Jr Tenn. Alpha'62 Lubbock, Texas'34 Harrisburg, Pa. Trenton, N. Rye, N. Omena, Mich. Buckhannon, W. Washington, D. Columbus, Ohio'31 Robinson, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Battle Creek, Mich. Huntington Park, Calif.

EBY, Hyatt Pa. Kappa '12 Birmingham, Mich. Lambda '64 Pittsburgh, Pa. Alpha '64 Klamath Falls, Ore. Alpha '63 Dearborn, Mich. Beta '63 Pittsburgh, Pa. Delta ' Palos Verdes Est. Beta '62 Indianapolis, Ind. GammaIowa AlphaMich. Tryon Jr Ala. AlphaTexas BetaW. AlphaTexas AlphaN. Bend, Ind. North Highlands, Calif. Newport Beach, Calif.

Worth, TexasL. Charles R. Virginia Brown, Mrs. William A. Patricia Henderson, and Mrs. Joan Corson. Robert R. Libby Elliott, Mrs. Sue Urban, and Mrs. Webb M. Gamma '62 Evansville, Ind. F Colo. Alpha '14 Denver, Colo. Beta '63 Palo Alto, Calif. Beta '64 Lake Oswego, Ore. Gamma '93 Indianapolis, Ind. Alpha '62 Nebraska City, Nebr. Iota '63 Manchester, N. Delta '64 Brazil, Ind. Robert E. EpsilonLEE, R. Alpha'62 Haddonfield, N. Claremont, Calif. Colby, Kans. They are pictured with four members of the initiationteam: I.

Earl Knowles Phares Jr. Beta '64; StephenLester Mannschreck, Neb. Alpha '64; and Charles PeterWright, Ariz. Leber, President; Charles R. Brown, Secretary; standing, ArchonRobert W. Chamberlain Jr. VI; Archon Harry M. Young, Dist. V; Archon John R. Shelton, Dist. I; Executive Secretary Ralph D. Daniel; Archon William B. Leahy, Dist. Ill; Archon C. Steven Lumm,Dist. IV; and Archon Edward C.

Laird, Dist. Robert Calif. BetaOhio ZetaN. Hunt Calif. Lauren Md. Edward W. Alpha62 Omaha, Nebr. Vandenberg AFB, Calif. Mississippi City, Miss. Calgary, Alberta, Canada62 Brownston, Ind Elmore, Ohio. New York, N. Albion, Mich. Wayne, Ind. Iota 63 Liverpool, N. Alpha 64 Edgewater, Colo. Eta 64 Buffalo, N. Alpha 18 Morgantown, W. Lambda 63 Camp Hill, Pa. Alpha 63 Chicago, Alpha 63 Kansas City, Mo. Alpha 29 Havertown, Pa. Alpha 63 East Norwalk, Conn.

Alpha 14 Littleton, Colo. Ill Calif. Zeta 64 Ojai, Calif. Alpha 64 Huntsville, Ala. Beta 64 Haslett, Mich. Continued on page 16 Past Pres. Undergraduateleaders of nearly all chapters gathered to discussfinancial responsibility, fraternity education,scholarship, alumni and public relations, and rushing. Urban was Directorof the leadership school.

CBy C. Delta "06Secretary-TreasurerHonest men esteem and value nothing somuch in this world as a real friend. Such aone is as it were another self, to whom we impartour most secret thoughts; who partakes ofour joy, and comforts us in our affliction; addto this, that his company is an everlastingpleasure to us.

Choice of Friends was written in Sanskrit, about fivecenturies before the birth of Christ, by Pilpay orBidpai, author of fables, and philosopher of note. Brother Pilpay or Bidpai must have perceived acomposite SCer when he wrote about the value of truefriendship, as exemplified by any one or all of theforty-one members of the Order who gathered August27, , to renew their sacred vows to Phi Kappa Psiand to rekindle friendships and companionships thatin many instances extended well over a half-century.

Under the leadership ofDoctor Corson, they enjoyed the twenty-second regulardinner, meeting and initiation of the society. The initiatory class included the father of one andthe son of another member in attendance. The father:Adam J. Hazlett, Pa. Hazlett, Md. The son, G. Alpha'46, was badged by his father, John J.

Yowell, Colo. Alpha '14 SC ' Alpha '29 SC '48 and John R. Donnell, Ohio Epsilon ' The Order of S. Smith and Lloyd L. Cheney, one of three survivingseventeen charter members. The other two:Edward H. Knight and George M. Of the to become members, seventy are living. The Chicago meeting, in, also attracted 41 SCers. Two of these, Edward H. Knight and George E. Ed Anderson, were at the conclave. Lest contemporary fraternities forget: No otherGreek letter group supports or claims an inner circlecomparable to Phi Psi's Order of the S.

To ourknowledge no other fraternity nor fraternity-affiliateclaims a bona fide son-father combination. Eligibility for membership in the Order of S. Thisnumber includes eight who registered at 20 and moreGACs.

Fifty-one with from four to six GACs to their credit,are knocking at the doors of S. C, anxious to cross itssacred portals. Of these an even dozen have signed theGAC register six times. They are: James H. Alpha '29; Dr. Paul E. Gopher, W. Alpha '39; Dr. Fenton Daugherty, Pa. Homer III, Md. Alpha '20; Howard B. Kerr, Wis. Alpha '23; Hugh C. Leininger, Calif. Delta '29; J. Gamma '34; Marvin A. Simpson, Colo. Alpha '14;Vernon F. Tinsley, N. Gamma '15; Donald K.

Weiser, Pa. Epsilon '21; and William Adkins Williams,Miss. Greasy kid stuff, this fraternity business? Sheer nonsense. Members of the Order of S. C, who have attendedfrom seven to thirty-five national conventions, include:preachers, ministers of the gospel, college presidents,administrators and teachers, lawyers, physicians,dentists, bankers, financiers, industrialists, presidentsof railroads, editors, merchants, metropolitan newspaperreporters, stock brokers, engineers, lumber companyexecutives, salesmen, leading oil company officials,commissioned officers of the Army and the Navy,and leaders in religious, civic, educational, fraternal,and social activities.

At a brief business session, Walter Lee Sheppard Jr. Memorial services were conducted for: Homer D. Lininger, N. Theta '91 SC '24 who died April 26, Parenthetically it isreported that notice of the death in Washington, D. Smiley, Pa.

Gamma'02 SC '54 was received early in September. His widow, Catherine M. Smiley, survives. The following were reelected: Dr. Corson,president; Dr. Andrew G. Truxal, vice president; C. Williams, secretary-treasurer. Following are the names, chapter and year of initiationof the forty-one SCers in attendance at the GAC. Alpha '96,Latrobe, Pa. BEAR, L.

Delta '07, Ludlow, Alpha '42, Crawfordsville,Ark. Duncan, Pa. Epsilon '34, Harrisburg,Pa. Ernie Jr. Alpha '17,Omena, Mich. Beta '02, Bloomington,Ind. Beta '25, Indianapolis,Ind. C: ; '38; '40; '42; '46; '48; '50; '52; '54; '56; '58;'60; '62; '64, a total of Dud , Ariz. Alpha '47, Cleveland,Ohio: ; '50; '52; '54; '56; '58; '60; '62; '64,a total of 9, consecutively.

Kappa '12, Detroit, Mich. Alpha '15, Buffalo, N. Fort, Tenn. Delta '09, Houston,Texas: ; '16; '22; '24; '26; '28; '30; '34; '38; '40;'46; '48; '50; '52; '54; '56; '58; '60; '62; '64, a total of Iota '23, Indianapolis,Ind. Gamma '40, New York,N. Delta '27, Los Angeles,Calif. Epsilon '06, Boca Raton,Fla. Alpha '32, Pittsburgh,Pa. Alpha '47, Littleton,Colo. Lyle, W. Alpha '27, Clarksburg,W. Gamma '93, Indianapolis,Ind.

Alpha '42,Eatontown, N. Epsilon '46, New York,N. Alpha '30, Mississippi City,Miss. Alpha '49, New York,N. Gamma '23, Lewisburg, Pa. Alpha '18, Morgantown,W. Alpha '29, Havertown,Pa. Gamma '14, SantaMonica, Calif. Kappa '01, Petersburg,Va.

Alpha '11, MasonCity, Iowa: ; '36; '38; '40; '42; '46; '48; '50; '52;'54; '56; '58; '60; '64, a total of Alpha '18, Kansas City,Mo. He is now Chieffustice of that high court, and currently serves as firstvice chairman of the Conference of Chief justices.

Brother Garfield has been a member of the publiclibrary board in. Imes since fitly 1, J, and has beenits chairman since Theodore G. The Chieffustice's brother, Clement 11'. I watched with pride while my three sons were initiated. Each chose our Fraternity of his own volitionwithout dictation from me. I'm glad my only brotherand two favorite cousins belonged to the same chapterI did.

I have known hundreds, perhaps a thousand ormore Phi Psis and, with two exceptions from myown chapter too , I have never known a Phi Psi ofwhom I was ashamed. Our Fraternity is over years old. Anything thatcan endure so long and still be going strong must havebeen built on a pretty solid foundation.

My own, Iowa. Alpha, is the oldest west of the Mississippi. To my personal knowledge it has been ator near the top at the State University of Iowa inscholarship and other important respects for about 48years—since about the time I left there. White, Iowa Alpha '19, are hiscousins. His daughter, Mrs. Thomas L. Carol Carson,is a member of Kappa. Uplia Theta, and livestiear Concord, X. Near the end of October several tumors had appeared and after many tests they all were diagnosed to be the same type of cancer.

I was then advised to take chemotherapy. This treatment along with two kinds of pills was given for eleven months. While taking the chemotherapy more tumors kept appearing and all were diagnosed as the same type of cancer. I visited with my General Practitioner and he advised me to go to IAT and supplied me with a phone number. I came to IAT the last week of June in and in two weeks the visable tumors were gone and I was a different person.

This has been 22 years ago and life is great for me. Tumor Free! Fortunately, we found I. I have done so well on the treatment the past 4 years, even my Oncologist and surgeon have been amazed. I have good quality of life and plan to continue treatments. Completely devastated, I was presented with very few treatment choices, and a very poor prognosis.

After enduring surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation I chose to investigate alternative options. As a Registered nurse coming from a medical family, this was a big step for me. It is now twelve years later and I have not had any reoccurrence. I can assure you that I firmly believe I would not be here today enjoying the quality of life I have without the Clinic. Worthington, Ohio, Cancer of the Tongue — squamous cell carcinoma.

John was diagnosed on February 12, The doctor gave him two options, one was to remove his tongue and jawbone that would have him breathe through a tracheotomy and eat through a stomach tube. The other choice was radiation. He had 35 radiation treatments after which he had 6 biopsies of his tongue.

They found the cancer was still there. The doctor then wanted to schedule the surgery. They had known about IAT but like most people they did not want to leave home for a foreign land. But they were pleasantly surprised when they arrived in Freeport. They felt so welcomed by fellow patients that their first stay of 10 weeks was a pleasant time.

Later that year in December, he had a CAT scan that showed the tumor on his tongue was diminishing. I had photodynamic treatment at the Mayo clinic. In January of I was also diagnosed with prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 6. The esophagus tumor came back in April I started my own regimen of supplements and then went to the Bahamas for the first time in November, People say I look healthier, my hair is darker and I look younger than I did two years ago. The people at the clinic are extremely friendly and competent.

In September , she started chemotherapy. The radiation did not work; the tumor in her one lung was still there. Then they found a tumor on the outside of the chest; it metastasized to her neck and then the other side of her lung. She then had more chemotherapy at her own insistence.

Her parents had been going to Grand Bahama Island for some years. They advised her to go to the clinic and find out about the cancer treatment. Sharon met with Dr. Clement who was very frank with her and made no promises about her lung cancer but said that they could visit and talk with the IAT patients in the waiting room. She did just that and was very gratified to hear the many long-term success stories from the patients themselves.

Six months after starting IAT, the tumor disappeared and has stayed away. It is now 12 years later and Sharon remains tumor free.

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We serve creative plates that are designed for sharing, and are brought to the table at a comfortable and steady pace throughout the meal. The plates are served in our elegant dining room featuring a fireplace and overlooks our historic downtown. During warm weather, our diners are also welcome to enjoy our lovely garden patio and dine al fresco.

Ambrose offers a fine selection of wine, beer, craft cocktails, and small plates. We invite you to spend a leisurely afternoon or evening in one of our comfortable spaces. We serve creative plates that are designed for sharing, and are brought to the table at a comfortable and steady pace throughout the meal.

The plates are served in our elegant dining room featuring a fireplace and overlooks our historic downtown. During warm weather, our diners are also welcome to enjoy our lovely garden patio and dine al fresco. Ambrose offers a fine selection of wine, beer, craft cocktails, and small plates. We invite you to spend a leisurely afternoon or evening in one of our comfortable spaces.